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Michael Mozingo

#247 Michael Mozingo, Class of 2012
(Liberal Arts AA with a Communications Focus)

College of the Desert opened up a whole new world to me. If it were not for College of The Desert and KCOD, I would not currently be the morning show host on MIX 100.5 or the production director for RR Broadcasting. I always secretly dreamed of being on the radio, but I didn’t know where to start. After working in retail for 13 years, I was abruptly laid off and found myself searching for a new and exciting career. I had always wanted to be on the radio, but didn’t think that there was path to a career in radio in the Coachella Valley; until I heard that College of the Desert had a radio station.

Born and raised in the Coachella Valley, I began my career at COD after graduating from Palm Desert High School in 2001. I was a full time student for 3 semesters, but couldn’t find a subject that I really connected with, so I began working full time. I would fit classes into my schedule where I could, but didn’t really know what I was working towards until I heard that College of the Desert had a radio station. As soon as I could, I signed up for “Writing for TV and Radio,” and “Intro to Radio,” which as it turns out, were two classes that would earn me enough credits to graduate.

One afternoon, in my “Writing for TV and Radio," class, Bradley Ryan, a local morning show host visited to talk about careers in radio. He left his card behind in case anyone was interested in an internship, and I jumped at the opportunity.

So, while honing my skills at KCOD and producing my show “The Alternative Stew,” which would end up winning an IBS award that year, I also began an internship at RR Broadcasting. Over the course of the next 4 months, I did everything from sales assistance, to production assistance, to promotions assistance. I learned a lot, and learned it fast. As my internship concluded, so did my career at COD. I graduated and began working at RR Broadcasting as a part time weekend DJ. Within a year, I was doing mid-days on MIX 100.5 and was promoted to production director. A little less than a year later, I was given the morning show on MIX 100.5

In under 3 years, I was able to go from unpaid intern to morning show host, and it would not have been possible without COD. Not only did their radio classes help me focus on the important skills that I would need to be successful, but having access to KCOD and being able to produce my own show gave me the confidence to sit in front of a microphone and open up to the world.

COD, its faculty and staff, especially Professors Gloria Rodriguez and Laurilie Jackson opened the door to a brand new career for me. I not only earned an Associates in Liberal Arts at College of The Desert, but I gained the skills and confidence needed to pursue a job in a very competitive industry.

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Christina Corrales-Cotto

#246 Christina Corrales-Cotto, Transfer to California State University, Fullerton, Staff
(Studied Administration of Justice; Staff Member TRIO-DSPS Program)

COD Leads the Way for Me. I have always loved school and been enthusiastic about learning. College of the Desert was the catalyst for me to manifest that love of learning. At College of the Desert I developed a true appreciation for the faculty, staff, and students which made my experience that much greater. I developed the necessary skills to become a confident and successful student. I went on to transfer to California State University, Fullerton, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice.

Upon graduating, I returned to the desert and began working as a teller; this began my unlikely career in banking. As life would have it, this career led me back to what I love doing most, learning in a college setting. I achieved my Master of Business Administration from the University of Redlands. I am thankful for my experience at COD, which serves as a reminder that I can be a person who leaves a positive impact on the lives of others. I want to give back the way so many did for me when I was a student. My inspiration to help students has led me back to where it all started for me, College of the Desert! It is a pleasure to be serving as the secretary for the TRIO-DSPS program at COD. I enjoy my job and supporting students to achieve their educational goals. I look forward to each day that I get to help others! Thank you, COD!

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Hortencia  Diaz

#245 Hortencia Diaz , Class of 2005
(GED and AA in English )

During my freshman year of high school I decided to drop out of school and look for a job. I always regretted my decision but didn't feel I had what it took to go back and secure an education. In my 30's I decided to give it a try and walked onto the College of the Desert campus. I was scared and nervous, to say the least. However, I quickly saw that I had tremendous support from all the staff and within a very short period of time I secured a GED and within two years I was walking across the stage to receive an AA in English.

From COD I transferred to UCR and secured a BA in English and shortly thereafter I secured an MA in Psychology. Currently, I am working towards a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I can honestly say that everything I needed to learn in order to succeed I learned at COD. I will forever be grateful to College of the Desert and for the support of every staff member that believed in me when I doubted myself.

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Michael  Minix

#244 Michael Minix, Class of 2015
(AA in English Composition)

After high school, I wasn't really qualified to get into any colleges so I decided to join the Army and put in 4 years. Upon completion of my service, I was ready to give education another try and see what would come of it. Not knowing what I wanted to major in, I took a variety of courses and, with the help of Donni Prince at the BIGHORN Golf Club Charities Veterans Resource Center, I got into the class that changed my life. I took English 1A with Professor Tapleshay and my love for literature and English was born. After a few years of ups and downs, I graduated from College of the Desert and will be completing my education in Montana. Thanks to COD, my love and passion was brought out in the form of literature and writing.

Zackariah Wendler

#243 Zackariah Wendler, Student
(Automotive Program)

It may not be always be a direct pathway or an easy journey, but Army veteran and College of the Desert automotive student Zackariah Wendler knows that dreams can become reality. As a child, Zac dreamed of joining the military and working in Special Forces. Yet, following graduation from high school, he found himself drifting. For years he moved from place to place, working small jobs before ending up back home as a laborer. He found that he liked construction and working with his hands to accomplish a project. When the owner of the construction company for which he worked died suddenly, Zac was faced with a life decision. His thoughts returned to the military and his dream of Special Forces. He sold everything he owned, moved in with his father and began processing to join the Army. Zac settled into military life and started training to apply for Special Forces. But in 2009, while stationed in Korea, multiple injuries forced him to transition out of active military duty. This change of direction was difficult. Zac knew he needed a path back to work and civilian life. His inspiration came from within…and a little help from College of the Desert.

“I have always enjoyed fixing things and love working on cars,” says Zac. “I researched options for automotive programs, and discovered that College of the Desert offers something that other colleges don’t ...... the ability to pursue a degree along with vocational skills training.”

The COD Automotive Program is a good fit for Zac. The instructors are all highly skilled, very well connected and helpful in linking students to jobs. In addition, the College’s Veterans Resources Center has helped to pave his way, making the transition from military to civilian life easier.

“It had been 13 years since I had been in school,” he said. “I had forgotten how to be a student, but Donni Prince and the student helpers in the BIGHORN Golf Club Charities Veterans Resources Center have been a huge support.” Zac says the staff at the center communicate in a way to which he can relate. They provide emotional support, academic assistance and job resources.

Zac is continuing his military service as Chaplain’s Assistant in a Reserve Unit at March AFB. “I may have dreamed of Special Forces, but I know my service now is also essential to defending our freedoms and serving our country,” he explains.

Today, he has a new dream: Zac will be the first in his family to attend college and earn a degree. He will have a career in a field that he loves and that will provide for his family. “It makes me proud to know that my path will open the door for the next generation,” says Zac. “I have three sons and already the two older ones plan to go to college. They have the direction that I lacked coming out of high school.”

Zac’s message to everyone who has helped him along the way is this: Thank you! “With your support for the College and students like me, you truly are changing lives.”

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