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Earnest Murphy

#102 Earnest Murphy, Class of 2009
(Communications Major)

I attended COD from 2007-2009. I was a member of the football team under Head Coach Dean Dowty and enjoyed every bit of my experience in Palm Desert .

While in high school, I never considered going to junior college. I actually looked down on people who decided to go to any JC. Little did I know that when my time came to graduate, I would be the next one to apply to a junior college. I didn’t go to community college because of grades or lack of acceptances to colleges and universities; I chose it because I realized that going to COD was the best choice for me.

I was only 17 when I graduated and realized that I wanted to play college football. I didn’t have any scholarship offers and felt that being a walk-on to any program would be tough so I sat and talked with my parents about what would be the best opportunity for me. Going to school out-of-state cost an arm or a leg, but community college in state would be beneficial to me not only for maturity and athletic purposes, but financially. So I made the choice and came to COD.

Over those next two years, I played football and was part of the best and closest team I’ve ever played on and wouldn’t have done anything different to change it. The coaches there kept their world and supported the players in any way they could and in return, as a team, we did our best out there on the field. We won 18 games in the two seasons I was there.

While at COD, I met a lot of lifelong friends that I still talk to daily. I brag about my time there. I tell people that I wish COD was a four year school because I enjoyed it so much and met some of the best people from different parts of the country such as Florida, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, and even different parts of California.