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Branden Hansen

#108 Branden Hansen
(Administration of Justice)

School had never been my thing. In fact, I tested out of high school early so I could go join the Marine Corps sooner. I was 17 when I went to boot camp. Over the course of the next five years, I went all over the country. I was trained to inspect and repair T/AV-8B attack jets. I did two years with the military police. I got married. I had a son. When my five year contract was up and it was time for me to get out of active duty, I realized that even with all my various trainings and certifications, I knew nothing about civilian life.

The transition from military to civilian life was hard for me. Finding a decent job was difficult. I didn’t have enough formal education to actually land a job in anything that I would consider career worthy.

After a few months, another employee and fellow veteran clued me in to College of the Desert, and the resources that were available to me with the Montgomery G.I. Bill that I had opted into during basic training, all those years ago. I went straight to COD the next day and went right to the Veterans Affairs Office. Ms. Prince told me about the Public Safety Academy Basic Peace Officer Training program. I decided right there that I wanted to make a career in Law Enforcement.

The PSA gives me a place where I can put my military training and experience to use in a manner that is also preparing me for a career in a field that I’m very interested in. The Veterans Affairs office helps keep me up to speed with all that I need to do to receive the maximum benefits that I’m entitled to. My family and I are extremely grateful for all that COD has done for us.