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Thomas Jones

#11 Thomas Jones, Staff

I began my educational experience with COD in 1994. One could say I was on the “20

2-year Program.” I took classes at the EVC, which we also called, “Indio High School.” I was taking math classes for fun, no real goal.

Like many older students, I focused on work for a while until 2004, when I medically retired from business. With TONS of free time on my hands, I came back to COD. I took a history class taught by Dr. Gudelunas. He was so dynamic and energizing. After my first class with him, I knew I wanted to be a history teacher.

COD became my vehicle for earning a Master’s degree so I could touch students the way Dr. Gudelunas and other teacher at COD touched me. Seven years later, I am graduating with my Master’s degree in History/Humanities from Cal-State Dominquez Hills. It all started with COD and the excellent teachers I had here.

It is my long term goal to one day work at COD as a History teacher. I hope that I will inspire those as I was inspired. COD is truly the "Door to your Dreams"! It was for me. Set short term and long term goals; work towards them; and never discouraged.