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#110 Kerri Phillips, Staff
(Secretary, Counseling)

When I moved to Palm Desert the summer of 1999, my first thought for furthering my career in an educational setting was College of the Desert. I was lucky enough to find a position at the college. In the office where I first worked, we assisted faculty.

Later I found a position as an administrative assistant in the Counseling office, and I worked into a career where I now assist students, which, even after 12 years at COD, is a heart-felt pleasure.

There are quite a few areas one can "Step Up” for COD. One in which I’m involved is giving a small donation of my monthly income towards the Margo Capuano Scholarship. Margo was a friend who worked at the college for 12 years. Soon after retiring, she passed away. I’m happy to be able to give in her honor.