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#111 Misti Santana, Class of 2004, Transfer to University of California, Santa Barbara
(A.A., Business Administration Payroll Specialist)

Not having much of an interest in school, I took a long break after I graduated high school in 1988. Thirteen years and three kids later, I found myself wanting a better life for my kids and myself, so I became a FT student at COD in the Fall of 2001.

Taking those first steps was terrifying. But the great staff and wonderful student resources here made the transition easy. The sense of pride that came with successfully working towards my goal changed the experience from a scary one to an exciting one.

We are truly a COD family, as I'm proud to say that not only me, but all three of my kids have also "attended" COD. The two youngest haven't earned a degree yet, but they did graduate from the amazing Child Development Center. We've all got a way to go towards reaching our ultimate goals, but we take it one step at a time, and couldn't have done it without COD.