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Dr. Sherry Ellison

#112 Dr. Sherry Ellison
(general education and psychology)

COD was the first step on the path to my successful career as a clinical psychologist. I was 39 years old and had always worked in the hospitality business. One day a server asked me to read a term paper she had written for a class at COD. I was so surprised she was attending college. She told me it was really fun and I could do it too. Astonished, I told her I had no formal education except a high school diploma. "Go speak to a counselor, they will help you" she advised. So I did.

Giving a lot of thought to what I would like to do I decided to pursue psychology. When registering for the first class I had made the goal of becoming a clinical psychologist.

This seemed over zealous to family and friends since I hadn't even taken one class yet and it would require a Ph.D. Well, eleven years later I received a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in psychology.

My career has been not only exciting but very fulfilling. I have worked at the Betty Ford Center. I currently work at Desert Regional Medical Center in the emergency department doing crisis intervention, and have a private practice as well.