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#113 Elizabeth Goold, Transfer to Cal-State University, Long Beach, Staff
(Assistant Director of Clinical Services)

I am currently the Assistant Director of Clinical Services at College of the Desert. Community college is why I am here today. It led to my Bachelor's and then my Master's degrees.

I was born the daughter of a diplomat, which led to traveling around the world and changing countries every few years. When I was 11, I asked to go to boarding school, in England, and my parents agreed that this would be best for me and my siblings in order to afford us more stability. Between the ages of 12 and 22, I had decided to make England my home. However, I was caught working illegally and forced to move to the U.S. I never considered the U.S. as my home as I had only lived here once before as an elementary school child. It was the first time I had experienced culture shock.

Four years later, I found myself the single parent of two children and a high school drop out without any job skills. Realizing my desperate situation, I enrolled at Pasadena City College and earned my RN degree. I could have never imagined that I would end up one day in such a wonderful job at COD. Believe me when I say, "If I can do it, you definitely can!"