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Juan Bautista

#117 Juan Bautista
(Previous Student - Current Chef Sun City Palm Desert)

My 25 plus years of culinary experience along with the education I have received through working with various chefs and peers has developed my style of cooking to be my own. My education at College of the Desert was a huge bonus in the mid 90’s when I received culinary training from Chef Beno. He is awesome.

Chef Beno expanded my vision and opened doors to my creativity as a chef. He taught me that recipes are only guidelines. This opened a plethora of possibilities that drives my creativity in design and preparation today. Presentation is a high priority too. I focus on color, placement, eye appeal, as well as taste.

I started as a dishwasher and prep cook in 1987. From the moment I stepped into the kitchen, I knew that this would become my life and career. The passion I have for cooking is displayed in the food I cook.

Since 1973 my father has been working as a chef in Mexico, San Francisco, Los Angeles and now in our desert. My nephew is following in our footsteps so our cooking expertise seems to run in the family. I am currently the Executive Chef at Sun City Palm Desert providing food for banquets, weddings, restaurants and private parties. It is a very busy lifestyle and one that I love. Thanks to my livelihood, my wife and three adoring children, my life is good!