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Mark Rizzo

#123 Mark Rizzo, Class of 2003, Staff
(A.A. Computer Information Systems Instructional Support Asst.)

Following an unsuccessful attempt at college and needing some direction in life, I enlisted in the Air Force. After leaving the military, I came to the Coachella Valley in 1992 and COD was here for me with open doors. Life continued to happen and there were many stops and starts in my educational path before I completed my A.A. degree in Computer Information Systems at COD in 2003. Along my educational journey I discovered that I have an aptitude for computers. Once again the college opened its doors for me and in 2000 I began working at COD as an Instructional Support Assistant in the student computer labs.

Since that time until now, I have worked for a great family of people and have had the benefit of doing what I love to do every day with computers and students. The one thing I hope to do with the remainder of my time as an employee of COD is to give back to the students, faculty and staff what has been given to me.

To find a job that you love to do is one of the greatest gifts in life. I truly love what I do and that is why it is with great ease and profound appreciation that I "Step Up For COD".