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Irene  Ferro

#126 Irene Ferro, Transfer to California State University Los Angeles
(education (ECE))

I have been attending COD since 2007. At first I wasn't sure what classes to take, even though I knew what field of education I wanted to get into. I started taking my general education classes and joining clubs such as the Latina Leadership Network club and Folklorico club. The club advisers answered my questions about classes or anything else.

As the years went by I got interested in more clubs such as World Beat Club and of course my favorite,the ECE Club. I'm still in that club as of right now. Our adviser,Mrs. Greene, has helped me out a lot with any questions that I have. Last semester I got my certificate for finishing the ECE fastrack and then I got into the Honor Roll. I was and am very happy about my achievements. I also got my assistant permit, but that's still on its way. What I'm going for right now is my AA and I hope to be done soon. The staff at COD have helped me so much, and for that I give thanks.