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Rebecca Hertsgaard

#145 Rebecca Hertsgaard, Staff
(Adjunct Professor, Social Sciences Department, teaching Philosophy, Religion, Ethics, and Perspectives on Death and Dying.)

After raising five children and enjoying a long career as a nurse, I returned to school as an adult re-entry student, earning undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Religion, and a Master's Degree in Religion. Those "re-entry" years were incredibly fun and fulfilling, and clarified for me what I wanted to do, as a professor, for my philosophy, ethics, and religion students. My goal was to introduce my students to fresh ways of thinking about life, and to ask big, bold questions. COD has given me that opportunity--I adore my job! My "life experience," as a nurse, a wife, a mom, and as a re-entry student, has enabled me to relate to my students and their own life experiences in ways I never thought possible. I look forward to coming to "work" (or is that "play"?) every day--my students are energizing and fun, and the staff at COD is the most supportive I've ever been around. COD "stepped up" for me, and I can do nothing less than gratefully "step up" for COD!!!