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#15 Pam Hunter , Transfer to CSUSB, Staff

I moved to the desert in 1977 to join my family. My parents encouraged me to meet with their friend who taught at College of the Desert - and that's how Dr. Roy Wilson became my faculty advisor. He was also my public speaking professor and took great pride in "giving me a grade" when he would see me make presentations as I built my career in the Valley.

After COD, I transferred to CSUSB for my BA in Psychology and then to Chapman College for my MS in Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior.

I came back to COD in 1999 as an employee and am currently the Executive Director of Institutional Advancement. In 2005 I joined the Foundation's President Circle and continue to be a member. One of my projects is the "Step Up for COD" campaign designed to encourage alumni to tell us their story. Talk about coming full circle! I am proud to be both a COD Alumni and a college employee.