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Patrick Linsk

#154 Patrick Linsk, Student
(Working Toward AA Design Digital Production )

It was out of my passion and interest in photography that I decided to pursue my AA in graphic design; it was a natural extension. I have been shooting photos for more than six years, mostly animals, landscapes and a wide variety of fashion events. I love looking for and capturing those unique moments with my camera. In essence, my employable skills have evolved from the professors I've had at COD.

Having been diagnosed with Autism and being a COD student, I never let my disability get in the way of my talents for learning. One of the things I most like about COD is its diversity in students and teachers. So many of the professors and faculty at COD play a huge role in my learning. Dr. Jordan and David Aquistapace are two prime examples. COD’s ​Disabled Students Programs and Services Center has been a great resource for me and many other students with disabilities who need extra help testing, lab access and tutors. I can tell you, disabled students really appreciate the extra resources.

COD has been a great place for me to start out my higher education. It’s allowed me to continue learning and improving as a student. For example, my writing skills were only at an acceptable level in high school. Today my writing skills are at UC levels or higher, in just two years.

I’m proud of that and I’m not done.