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Leif Jordan, Faculty

#16 Leif Jordan, Faculty

“From G.E.D. to Ph.D." - Thanks C.O.D.!

I dropped out of high school in 1986. By the end of the 80’s my opportunities were very limited. For me and for many others in my generation, it seemed that we were destined for failure. A life of meaningless labor and/or servitude was all that I could hope for. That changed in 1990 when I stepped onto the campus here at College of the Desert. I was immediately welcomed as if I had been away from home for a long time and the doors of education were opened for me.

College was a struggle for me, having not been in school for many years, but with the help of the faculty and staff who were very supportive, I was able to overcome many obstacles on my path to higher education. I earned my G.E.D. here at C.O.D., and then completed the IGETC transfer curriculum and was accepted to U.C. Berkeley. I went on to earn a K-12 teaching credential and taught high school for 3 years. Eventually I earned two master’s degrees (M.A. and M.S.) and a doctorate (Ph.D.) in mathematics.

My greatest achievement by far was being chosen as a full-time professor here at College of the Desert. Having my education, I could have worked anywhere in the country, but I just wanted to come home again. Now I have the best job, at the best school, teaching the best students in the world. I couldn’t be happier and I owe it all to a lot of hard work, determination and the people here at C.O.D. who made it all possible.