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David Nola

#162 David Nola, Transfer to University of California, Santa Barbara

I joined the COD football staff as an assistant football coach in 1994 and was fortunate to be a part of a Conference Champion team and Bowl game winning program. Over the next 15 years I was a part of the program as assistant coach and in other capacities. I will always cherish my time on the campus and on the field. The football program has helped develop many young men to be productive and successful members of our society. The relationships I formed were far more valuable than the wins on the field. Our life long connection started at COD. As a coach, role model and mentor to these young men, COD was an experience that helped shape who I am today.

The years at COD will always be some of the best in my life. This school is an important part of the community. Many people start their dreams and accomplish their goals at this school. I was fortunate to achieve some of my dreams at COD.