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Aubrey Moe

#163 Aubrey Moe, Class of 2006
(Associate's Degree in Psychology )

I started at College of the Desert in Fall 2003, unsure of what I wanted to study or ultimately do. I took my first psychology class as a matter of chance; it was open and I needed the credits. I didn't know what to expect, but I never anticipated that I would fall in love with the subject the way that I did. My professor, Linda Emerson, was amazing and exuded an impressive passion for the subject. I was hooked.

I ended up taking every Psychology course COD offered before I graduated. I transferred to UC Irvine, where thanks to my 4.0 GPA and volunteer experiences I attended as a Regent's Scholar - a full academic, merit-based scholarship and the highest honor given by the UC schools. I continued to explore my passion for psychology, and I graduated with a BA in Cognitive Sciences.

In Fall 2009, I accepted a position as a fully-funded Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology at Kent State University in Ohio. This field is incredibly competitive, and I am lucky enough to have a full tuition waiver and a graduate stipend. I am currently in my fourth year at Kent, and I very strongly believe that the academic foundation I built at COD has paved the road to my doctorate. People are surprised when I say I started at a community college, but I'm not - sometimes the greatest passions and inspirations come from small classrooms, and those willing to believe in their students.