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Dodi Henry

#171 Dodi Henry, Class of 1978

When Dodi Henry emigrated from her home in Bosnia in 1974, she sought freedom and a new life. She attended Palm Springs High School before pursuing higher education at College of the Desert and never looked back. Although Dodi didn’t speak English when she came to America, she was determined to make friends, study hard and succeed. She played basketball at the College and concentrated on doing well in classes. In 1978, she was honored to be crowned homecoming queen at the college.“College of the Desert was a good start to a good life,” Dodi says. “I am still putting the skills I learned at the College to work today while operating my business.” Dodi and her husband Kevin currently own the legendary restaurant, The Nest, a popular hang-out that’s been part of the desert scene for decades. But it was a lot of hard work and experience that led to this extraordinary opportunity.

After modeling for a year after college, Dodi returned to the desert and was offered a job as hostess at The Nest. In 2003, she left to run Arnold Palmer’s restaurant for eight years and earned a stellar reputation for customer service and efficient operations.

It was that reputation which prompted the restaurant partners to approach Dodi and Kevin about bringing new life to The Nest in 2010. The couple accepted, and created a new look, an upgraded menu and a vibrant new spin on nightlife in the desert.

College of the Desert opened the door for Dodi to a lifetime career, a dream and a life she never thought was possible. Today, at the restaurant, Dodi makes sure her employees attending the college have a schedule that accommodates their academic studies.

“I found freedom in America,” Dodi says. “I found my path in life at College of the Desert.”