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Scott Beaty

#181 Scott Beaty, Class of 2004, Transfer to Longy Music Conservatory, Cambridge, MA
(AA degree in music)

A dream of mine for many years as a professional pianist was to return to Boston and earn my Master's degree in Music from Longy Music Conservatory. My professional enrichment began with returning to school at COD as a mature student in the outstanding music department under the direction of Dr. Darlene Romano. Due to Dr. Romano and career counselor, Ms. Eve-Marie Andrews, I was able to prepare and win seven scholarships and enter graduate school and then graduate with honors in 2008. If I had not begun my journey at COD, I would never have been prepared to re-enter higher education full-time in Boston.

I was already a United States Presidential Pianist having played for the late President and Mrs. Ford, and pianist for the McCallum Theatre. When I left for Boston, the McCallum Theatre held my position until I returned in 2008.

My gratitude for returning to the Desert with new enthusiasm in music has led me to a new passion volunteering and helping other students realize their dreams and to help mentor them with scholarships. My first opportunity will be my up-coming solo concert at the McCallum Theatre on April 6, 2014, where I will give two scholarships to young people entering the performing arts. Thank you COD for your role in getting it all started!