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David Graybill

#190 David Graybill
(Attended Art Classes )

We may live in a digital world, but for me it is paper that is my passion. As a working artist, I combine paper making techniques and use cotton fibers from recycled clothing to create jewelry and unique art pieces. My path to a successful career as a working artist began following graduation from Palm Springs High School when I enrolled in a series of paper making classes at the College. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Something just clicked with those classes. They opened my eyes, captured my imagination and flooded me with ideas about how I could use paper as a medium for my artistic vision.

For a time after I left the College cooking was my art form. But I kept dreaming about paper. Putting what I learned at COD to work, I began experimenting on my own with casting and sculpture, looking at paper from every angle and trying to push the limits of my own creativity. Eventually, I found my way back to art and papermaking. The end result is a career as a working artist, creating one-of-a-kind works out of our Idyllwild studio. We are frequent exhibitors at art shows throughout the Southwest and locally at the weekly Thursday evening Village Fest in Palm Springs.

And it all started with those paper making classes at College of the Desert. I credit Professor Kohl for teaching me that the only boundaries and limits we have are those we place upon ourselves. I continue to be a student of my own techniques, regularly learning new things about my craft to expand my vision and inspire my work.

College of the Desert changed my life. Art classes opened my eyes to the possibilities and the support from faculty gave me the direction I needed to pursue my passion and realize my dream.