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#204 Omozogie Asiruwa, Student
(Student Worker, McCarthy Child Development Center)

I have always longed to help people, especially the kids in some communities in Northern Nigeria where I served as a corps member. This desire to help children led to enrollment at College of the Desert and application as a student worker at the McCarthy Child Development Center (CDC) at College of the Desert. I would say the CDC is an essential part of "a child's fundamental building blocks". The Center provides immeasurable help to the development of children mentally, socially, and academically through its devoted staff. It is a special place for every child. Thanks to College of the Desert and McCarthy Child Development Center for the opportunity to work in this great Center. The smile never leaves my face when I step into CDC every morning to resume duties.

There is always a starting point to every professional dream and achievement. These beginnings might involve getting a degree, skills, or certification in a chosen area of interest. However, some people are prevented from attaining their dreams due to financial, economic, family, and society issues. Others are persistent in pursuing their goals irrespective of societal influence. It was my love for the nursing and pharmacy profession that influenced my application to College of the Desert. The nursing profession requires unbiased devotion to individuals in need of health care and life span development and demonstrates honesty, dedication, and compassion.