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Christiana  Peter

#207 Christiana Peter, Transfer to Cal State -SB, Student
(Early Childhood Education)

College of the Desert and the McCarthy Child Development & Training Center at

College of the Desert have been tremendously helpful for the continuation of my education. My Professors are my mentors and teachers, helping me to go up the ladder of the final stage of my education; particularly in my career in Early Childhood Education. I really appreciate the free loan book program. It is through this program that I am able to complete my education. I was thinking my education was over; but, through this book program it rekindled and restarted my life. And I want to say thank you from the bottom my heart. I have no words or ways to explain my gratitude other than to go out and help others as I have been helped.

It is a privilege for me to have an opportunity to have interaction and also to watch children during interactive learning during play. I was astonished to see how smart these children are when they are playing and interacting with one another and the teachers. I have an opportunity to be in the two year old classroom. I was astonished to see how well they demonstrated how their teachers take care of them in the class; and when playing with their dolls pretending to be mothers, as well as demonstrating how their parents make a cup of coffee. The two year olds showed sincerity and sympathy to their dolls as their teachers do with them in the classroom and on the playground.

I also enjoy having an opportunity to monitor the four year olds during activity. I was amazed to see how much energy they possess while they cheerfully used blocks to build houses with rooms, including yards for their animals. They also built barns for their animals and fences to keep them safe. To me, watching children learning through play is amazing. Last but not the least is to watch them comfortably eat and see them enjoy their meals. Please come and bring your children and support the excellence and atmosphere of learning through play at the McCarthy Child Development & Training Center.