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Osciris Milward

#211 Osciris Milward, Transfer to California State University of San Bernardino, Staff
(Child Development Specialist, McCarthy Family Child Development and Training Center)

Since I was little I always wanted to be a teacher. My high school teacher was the one that really made me think about what type of teacher I wanted to be. Miss Tibbs was a person that took the time to talk, to help, and to always be there for her students. Seeing every day the way she was really involved in the life of her students because she wanted them to be successful, I realized that I just wanted to be just like her.

I took most of my requirements at College of the Desert and after three years, I transferred to California State University of San Bernardino and I got my BA in Liberal Studies. While I was going to school, I was also getting my experience working at McCarthy Family Child Development and Training Center at College of the Desert. At first, as a student aide and later, when I had the opportunity of applying to the position of a lead teacher, I took that opportunity and I got the job. I have being working in this school for 14 years and I hope that I am going to be there for many more years to come.

As a teacher, I believe that we are like a bridge on the life of our students. We are there to help them cross to the other side of the bridge by providing them with all the knowledge that they need in order to be successful in their future. I am giving them all the key points at the beginning of their life and helping them to be at the developmental level that they need to be. Thinking back to my Early Childhood teachers the ones that have helped me to think about continuing with my professional life are Miss Wendy Sanders and Miss Dianne Russom, my director. Miss Wendy and Miss Dianne Russom helped me to think about what else I wanted as a teacher. I realized that as a teacher we never stop studying. Next year I am going to go back to school to get my Masters in Education and Psychology. By taking this opportunity to go back to school, I am going to find more ways to help my students to be successful. Every time that I think of giving up because I think that I cannot do it anymore, my high school teacher comes back to my mind and I remember the words that she used to say, “If you want to accomplish something, you need to work hard to get it. If someone tells you, you are not going to make it, show them how you are not giving up. Life is not easy but if you work hard and you want to be someone in this world you are going to work hard to get it.” These words have helped me when I think of giving up. I think about how I have made a change already in the lives of my students and their families and I want to continue doing this job for many years to come.