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Cinthia Paiz

#227 Cinthia Paiz, Student
(Physical Education)

Since high school, I have dreamed of being an Athletic Trainer. I've always wanted to train for the highest level of Professional Sports. College of the Desert gave me that shot, working with then Head Athletic Trainer Dave Anderson. As a student trainer I was assigned the school’s Football Team, winners of the California Bowl in 1994,as well as the Men’s Basketball and Women’s Softball Teams. I was given the opportunity to do an internship as a trainer with the 1994 and 1995 Palm Springs Suns Baseball Club, members of the Western Baseball League with Coaches Bill Sudakis (former Dodger), Steve Garvey (Former Dodger), Lee Lacey (Former Dodger) and John Verhoeven (Former Anaheim Angels). I traveled with the team all over California, Oregon, Washington State and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Later that same year, I assisted with NFL players during the NFL Fastest Man Competition and assisted the Los Angeles Lakers Pre-Season Camps which were held on the COD Campus. It was my second year at COD when Dave Anderson encouraged me to apply for an internship with the MLB Atlanta Braves. I didn’t get that internship. The letter from the Club President stated that I had too much professional experience, as the internship was for student athletic trainers trying to pursue the professional experience I had already gained. I was a little disappointed; however, Dave told me to take it as a compliment.

I stopped attending COD for a while; however, the passion was still there. I would drop in every once awhile and help here and there in the training room (which was located under the football stadium). Dave convinced me to re-enroll in school and so I did, where I was once again helping the Football and Men’s Basketball Teams. Once again, complications arose and I dropped out of school.

As the saying goes, the third time's a charm. In 2012, I decided it was time to finish what I started all those years ago. It was no easy task to continue school as well as work and raise a family. In August 2013, I was brought on to the SoCal Coyotes, a non-profit Sports Leadership program based out of Palm Spring’s, CA, as an Assistant Athletic Trainer under my High School Athletic Trainer Mike McBride. I am still with the team today and loving every minute of it.