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#229 Robert Anzovino, Class of 1988
(AA degree in Golf Management)

I started at the Culinary Institute of America as a first venture in post high school education and became a student of Chef Beno in the senior year of my education in New Haven, CT. Culinary school prepared me for positions preparing food for 2,000 diners nightly, preparing dishes table side before an amazed public, and providing BBQ grill work on the beach in Coronado, CA at the famous Hotel Del Coronado. One great accomplishment was laughing at the "look of bewilderment" on the GM's face when I produced the love birds on a heart basket ice carving for a wedding reception at the exclusive Meadow Club in Fairfax, CA.

I arrived at College of the Desert with a Chef degree and a BS degree from a university. At the time, the College was offering a new program in Golf Management and I knew that this would further my career. Since the selection process was focused on potential students highly skilled in golf, which I was not, I was not initially selected as a candidate for the program. Using my power of persistence, I kept trying and was ultimately admitted into the program. Graduation day saw only five of us receive our degrees at the ceremony. When a nightly news reporter for the local TV station asked me what it felt like to graduate from COD I informed her that I had just received my third advanced degree; it was powerful, and I was excited about the future. I am so proud of myself for this accomplishment.

My next gigantic accomplishment was having the honor of serving President and Mrs. Ford and the Prime Minister of Japan with sitting President George Bush, Sr. during an official White House sponsored luncheon. I was the Dining Room Manager of the Club at Morningside at the time. I still possess a photo obtained from the Presidential Library taken at this historic event.