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Stella Baker

#25 Stella Baker, Student, Staff
(Adjunct librarian/student learning digital design skills)

I’m a writer and a librarian. I’ve got academic degrees and certifications and all the “stuff” that says I’ve achieved my education and success. Therefore, I’m beyond what COD has to offer. Right?


Because of huge changes in publishing caused by eBooks, it’s a whole new world for writers now. I decided to jump into this new world. lLast summer, I became my own publisher. I had to hire a graphic artist for the cover and book formatters for the interior of the electronic and paperback editions; not inexpensive, but necessary to produce a professional product.

As a small business with limited capital, I can’t keep doing that. I need to cut production costs without cutting the quality of my product. As a life-long library person and reader, I had a natural “feel” for covers and also for computer text, but I didn’t have the specific skills to do what had to be done.

Until now.

I’m auditing a PhotoShop class. Because I’m focusing on book cover skills, and receiving excellent help from the instructor who understands my goal, it’s been a great way to meet my business needs. Next semester I plan to audit another class to learn the skills for internal book formatting.

COD has given me an affordable way to pick up the specific skills I need to chase my dream. Thank goodness, because dreams don’t stop after the first degree and neither should one’s education.