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Veronica Daut

#255 Veronica Daut, Staff
(Counselor in General Counseling)

My first experience at College of the Desert was being a life guard for two years (when they had a pool on campus). I loved seeing the college environment. I went on to study sociology and first worked in Social Services. Then I completed my Master’s in Educational Counseling and I am nearly finished with my Doctorate in Education.

Born and raised in the Coachella Valley, and being an alumni from Indio High School, I knew that I wanted to give back to my community and could accomplish that through education. Currently I am a counselor in general counseling here at COD. I wanted to return and “pay it forward”.

The best thing about COD is being able to work with the local high schools and talk with their students. I used to be in their same situation and I can say that I am a product of the Coachella Valley. I always tell students that they can start at COD and transfer anywhere as long as they put in the work. I also tell students, “What do you want to be? Find out what it takes to get there. It may just be a class, a certificate, an Associate degree or more; but, do what it takes to be the best at it”.

The benefit of education is that it has opened so many opportunities for me in life. COD is a strong foundation to provide those educational opportunities at low cost, if not free. Education allowed me to become a counselor and assist students with their educational journeys. Without education I would not meet the requirements to do the job that I love.