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Brett Baatrup

#30 Brett Baatrup, Student
(A double major in accounting and finance.)

I’ve had one career and am working on another as a double major in accounting and finance. I began attending COD in August 2010 and I’m on track to graduate in summer 2012.

Before I started at COD, I was in the Marine Corps stationed at 29 Palms. I did five years as a tanker. Wherever infantry goes we go with them as support. I’ve been to Iraq twice. I just finished my inactive reserve in June. I would consider joining back up. I miss it. I made great friends. But I do have good friends at COD, too.

It wasn’t until last year I really decided on my double major. Last year I took a finance class with Professor Cochran. He was a VP of a bank and a big trader. He really influenced me and I really enjoy my finance courses. I still really like accounting but want to do something with finance.

Thanks to COD and Professor Cochran, I’m looking forward to finishing up my college courses and getting out there to put my skills to work… again.