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Aaron Bonner

#35 Aaron Bonner, Transfer to U.C. Davis
(Political Science)

My experience at C.O.D. was extremely rewarding and exciting. I was able to meet and interact with wonderful staff, administrators and professors, and I developed meaningful relationships with my fellow classmates and colleagues.

Prior to earning my associate degree in political science, C.O.D. provided me with great learning opportunities. For example, I learned how the legislative process worked in theory as well as in practice, and I even had the chance to learn from former legislative leaders. C.O.D. also provided me and many of my colleagues with the opportunity to attend leadership training conferences, skill building seminars, and to learn in a comfortable, friendly environment.

As former president and founder of the C.O.D. Political Awareness Club and student trustee, C.O.D. equipped me with the tools needed to be an effective leader. As a result, our club was a huge success and we hosted several events for the students as well as the local community. Moreover, as a student trustee, I made sure students’ voices were heard and the college continued to support student success.

C.O.D. also prepared me with the skills to move forward and transfer to U.C. Davis, where I majored and received my bachelor’s degree in political science and became a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Societies.

I am honored that C.O.D. believed in me and equipped me with the skills that are necessary to become a successful student. Moving forward, I intend to continue to utilize everything I learned from C.O.D. and share my great experiences with the rest of the world. It is my desire to return to C.O.D. to work as a professor, so that I can give back to the community that gave me more than I could have ever imagined.