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Mark Moran

#40 Mark Moran, Class of 1969-1971

I graduated from Palm Springs High in 1969 with just OK grades. I wasn't sure that College was for me. My first day of classes I was called into the College President, Roy McCall's office, where he told me that PSHS had informed COD that I was a rebel rouser and a trouble maker. (I marched in PS for Civil Rights and organized the first

sit-in at PSHS prior to my Junior Year.)

Well, I remember telling Dr. McCall that I believed strongly in my causes and would not back down. He informed me that neither would he; so we agreed to disagree. I fell in love with COD. I was the first freshman ever to serve on the Campus Life Committee. I became Vice-President of the Student Body in my second year, President of the Speech Team where Roy Wilson was the faculty adviser.

Dr. McCall, as well as many of my Professors, gave me letters of recommendation to four year schools. I ended up with a full scholarship to the University of Redlands, Dr. McCall's University. Without COD I would not have gone on to College. I owe my success, in part, to COD.