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Farley Herzek

#43 Farley Herzek, Staff
(Former Vice President Academic Affairs)

In my first month at COD I attended several local Chamber of Commerce meetings to get a sense of COD’s role in the community. At all meetings I proudly wore my COD name badge.

At one particular meeting a local businessman shared a very heartfelt, personal story with me. He told me that his son was never a very good student in school, had dropped out of high school, had no sense of direction, no jobs skills and was unemployed. He went on to tell me that his son somehow got directed to the COD adult education/high school diploma program and in that program he encountered the most nurturing, caring, supportive educators and support staff. He told me with a smile that would light up a room, that his son just graduated from COD with his high school diploma a week earlier and that he would be continuing on with his college education at COD.

It was from this personal story that I knew COD was a very special place. College of the Desert not only educates, it changes people’s lives. I was very proud to be a Roadrunner!

Farley Herzek

Former Vice President Academic Affairs