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Nancy  Martinez

#45 Nancy Martinez, Class of 2009, Transfer to University of California, Santa Barbara
(I received my A.A. degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Social Sciences and Behavior.)

As a first generation, Mexican- American student, the odds of attending college were against me. Although I was accepted to multiple state colleges after graduation from high school, the financial burden and uncertainties forced me to reject each offer and register at College of the Desert.

Upon completion of my first semester I realized that enrolling at COD was the best decision I could have made! The teachers, staff, and administration genuinely cared about each student and were readily available to meet with them to answer any questions. This is something I greatly appreciated after transferring from COD to a four year university. Nevertheless, the cherished relationships I developed with my counselors, teachers, and administration made a lasting impact in my academic success as well as my life. My teachers provided me with the tools necessary to succeed in the classroom, my counselors gave me the motivation to continue my education, and the administration’s friendliness and accessibility made COD a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

In June of 2011, two years after graduating from COD, I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara. It is without doubt that this accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without the supportive and tight-knit community of COD. It’s been four years since my first semester at COD, but I still feel connected to the campus and staff. I am currently a graduate student at Boston College pursuing my master’s degree in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology. Thank you College of the Desert for making such a lasting impact in my life!