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#47 Adell Bynum, Staff
(TRiO Student Support Services Program Director/Counselor)

COD has been a great career move for me even though I was somewhat skeptical of leaving the University of California system where I had worked for approximately 25 years in Student Services and at the Office of the President at UCB (yes, I am also a Bear Alumni), UCD and UCSD.

I knew that as long as I could work in Student Services at COD where I could use my professional and personal skills to share especially with students, that I would still feel "at home" as I did at the UC campuses.

I feel very fortunate to now have worked as a counselor at the TRiO Student Services Program, the Academic Counselor and Educational Services (ACES) program for almost 11 years. I am also elated to say that it has been an absolute pleasure to make new friends, work with great colleagues and most of all to meet students who are giving me a chance to help them shape their future in some small way. Overall, I am grateful to have my job at COD. Along with the many contributions of all of the staff at COD, I hope that I have "made a difference" and perhaps helped enriched the campus as it continues to be a better place for the current and future students who want to also enrich their lives.