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Naqibullah Sahibzada

#50 Naqibullah Sahibzada, Student
(International Student - Preparing for Biology)

My name is Naqibullah Sahibzada, and I am one of the international students at College of the Desert. I am from Afghanistan, from Logar province. The second biggest aim that I had in my life was coming to United States, and make my dreams come true with the help of educational facilities that are available here in the states. My first biggest aim is to get educated and facilitate those who are in need and who are not having these facilities in their lives.

It was a huge difference for me at first when I came here. I was suffering from culture shock and home sickness, but then after a while I got situated. Being in America is giving me a positive feeling for my future, and especially being at College of the Desert, because it is a very friendly environment for a freshman student who is looking for a bright future. I have made lots of friends who are from different parts of the world. Attending some social group gatherings or coffee hours with International students has helped me meet new friends here on campus.

When I was in my home country I learned different languages which are Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Hindi, Persion, and Farsi. Now a days I am learning Spanish as well, and I am thinking of taking a Spanish class in coming semesters to develop my language skills. My aim is to finish my college degree and transfer to UCLA and get my further education in Biology. I am very grateful and thankful to College of the Desert, which is providing us all these facilities in order to get ourselves beyond our dreams and live the life we are looking forward to have in our future.

Thank you very much.


Naqibullah Sahibzada