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Russell Artuso

#62 Russell Artuso, Student
(Music and Art)

I always wanted to learn to play the piano and read music, but then life got in the way. I didn't even know what a middle C was. Private lessons weren't an option.

My youngest was getting ready for college and suggested I take some courses at COD to fill the void my children made when they all left home. I decided to take a piano course at COD. I was petrified. I hadn't stepped into a class room in over 30 years. I thought I was going t be the "old man" in class but to my surprise, there were students older than me !!!

After that first semester I was hooked...I started taking every music class I could. I learned the piano and how to read music as well as on my way to learning guitar. The teachers at COD are patient and the students have been a great help. I am so glad I found you COD!

A message for you "older" folks out there: This is a very pleasant way to self-fulfillment and sure beats sitting around a bar telling "war" stories.