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Ernesto Gutierrez

#67 Ernesto Gutierrez, Class of 1989
(Liberal Arts Degree)

My experiences at College of the Desert were second to none. As a former COD Football player and Alumni, the lessons learned helped me shape who I am today.

I definitely benefited from scholarships offered to me during my college years. Playing football and attending college went "hand in hand" for me. The support received by all of the football coaches helped me achieve many of my goals in life. I learned how to work hard in order to obtain what I wanted in life. Playing football was a stepping stone to education and real life.

Most of my teammates were going through the same experience as I was, and many of them would have never had the opportunity to attend college and succeed in life if it were not for the football scholarships they received.

I owe a lot of who I am today to College of the Desert and the football coaches. Thank you COD…