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#72 Imelda Garcia, Student
(Early Childhood Education)

I returned to college after completing the most important job in my life; motherhood. My two older boys (twins age 25) each completed their undergraduate studies and received their Bachelor Degrees four years ago. They each have excellent careers. My little one (age 20) is a few months away from his Associates Degree with plans to transfer to the University in pursuit of his Bachelor's Degree.

My husband and I felt that now with our children becoming educated, productive young men in society, it was time for me to accomplish a few goals outside of the home. Therefore, I am currently enrolled at COD with an immediate goal of obtaining my Early Childhood Education (ECE) State Permit, which I am a few months away from achieving. Secondly, I hope to complete my studies towards my Associates Degree in ECE and eventually, continue my studies at our local CSUSB campus.

So far, COD and staff have provided an excellent learning environment, making my transition from "stay-at-home mom" to student appear very easy.

So much so, that I was voted President of the ECE Club. Thanks COD!