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#84 Donni Prince, Class of 1977, Staff
(AA Degree/Liberal Studies Currently, COD's Veterans Specialist)

College of the Desert has been a big part of my life for most of my life!

I graduated from COD in 1977. Even before I came as a student, I was hanging out at COD with my best friend, who was a cheerleader. Since I was tagging along with the cheerleaders, there were many times that I was put to work wearing the Roadrunner mascot costume, climbing ladders to hang signs, and traveling to games.

This lead to 20 years of doing stats for the COD Men’s Basketball team, and a few years doing football stats as well. There have been many road trips, tournaments and late nights, but lots of great friends and fun memories as well.

I have had the honor to be working with COD Veteran students since 1978 as the Veterans Specialist. It’s hard to believe that when I started my students were Vietnam era and I’m now into a few second generation COD Veterans (their parents attended here as Veterans in the 70’s & 80’s). Our Veteran student population has grown quite a bit in the last few years as we expand our ability to offer more services and support.

I’ve worked with many students throughout the years, and whether they like it or not, and no matter what their age, I call them “my kids”. I have been blessed to have them as a part of my life. My many years at COD have been filled with wonderful times. I’m

looking forward to many more great times ahead.