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#88 Jose Castillo, Class of 1983, Transfer to CSU- Los Angeles, Staff
(Alumni, Soccer Coach)

My roots in the United States started at College of the Desert as a 17 year old English as a Second Language student. COD embraced me when I was lonely and frightened in such an immense country. I went on to earn my AA degree from COD in 1983, my BS degree from Cal-State, Los Angeles and my CPA license. I became a teacher in COD's Adult Basic Education program in 1989 and Soccer Coach in 2010.

COD gave me the opportunity to be free and to express myself. I became a member of the desert community with the same opportunities granted to everyone. I learned the real meaning of "liberty and justice for all".

At COD I made friendships that have lasted a lifetime. I found teachers that mentored me and I found supervisors that taught me how to be a professional. I met my wife at COD and we now have two awesome children. About 20 members of my family have attended COD and I will make sure that my children also become part of the COD family.

I think of myself as the ultimate Roadrunner, and Wily Coyote has stopped chasing me because he knows he will never catch me. GO RUNNERS!