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#90 Nikki Roeder, Class of 2000, Student
(AA Liberal Arts)

I am a proud COD alum. I have returned to my second home to pass the sacred torch of education on to the next generation of young scholars. I now work as a tutor in the Academic Skills Center in the English/Writing department. But what most people don't know is that I am also abled differently. I was never afraid to ask for help when I needed it especially during my academic career. I have never been a person to let challenges stand in the way of my success, most notably my cerebral palsy. I may have cerebral palsy but it will never define my character or my sense of integrity which is something I have always held dear. COD taught me to value the institution of education as a gift, not as a responsibility.

And that passion has allowed me to excel in all aspects of my humble existence, both personally and professionally. This passion was instilled in me because of COD and its professors, like my esteemed colleague and dear friend, Mary A. Boyd.

Now I look into the faces of the students I tutor every semester and I see the hope and determination in their core to succeed in life. To be a part of this is truly a gratifying and humbling experience.

Thank you COD from the depths of my heart.

Nikki A. Roeder

English Tutor