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#92 Tricia Ridgway, Class of 1999

I attended COD from 1991-1999. My first musical production with COD was "Annie." I was 11 and so excited to be a part of such a professional experience. It was the first of many at COD. The two mentors that had the biggest impact on me and helped take my performance to the next level were Dr. Darlene Romano and the late Michele Gaines. These two great women championed me from the very start and gave me the tools to pursue my dream professionally. They also gave me confidence in my performance which allowed me the freedom every actor needs to trust their instincts. Without their encouragement and leadership I would not have experienced the success I have achieved in my career.

My colleagues and I felt so fortunate growing up in the Coachella Valley and having such a tremendous theatre in which to perform in such a beautiful environment.

It has been great coming back to perform at "One Enchanted Evening" for such a great cause, to continue supporting the early Childhood Education Program over the last five years. Thank you, COD for everything you have given me which allowed me to pursue my dreams.