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Carl Bollin

#95 Carl Bollin, Transfer to CSU- Los Angeles, Student
(Returning Student)

I'm returning to college after 32 years away.

My first go-round in 1976-1980 was in Agriculture with an emphasis in Pre-Vet medicine. Ultimately, I declared Animal Science as my major. It's a whole new world these days!

I'm climbing back up on my own feet after stumbling badly with a DUI back in Nov. 2008. After 32 yrs of drinking and driving culminating in a horrific crash where no one was injured or killed...and three years of unemployment, and sobriety, I decided to try college again. I was at a " REAL" Low!

My decision to try Theater Arts resulted in me auditioning for a play on campus and receiving an ensemble part in the spring production of Summer and Smoke.

My experience at COD so far has been amazing. Everyone I meet is kind and helpful!

When I thought I was lost in life, desperate, and alone...I now have a girlfriend, a full life of learning and commitment to excellence, part-time handyman jobs, and a supportive landlord who gives me a place to live while returning to school.

I owe, in part, my new found happiness to the College of the Desert and all who have been supportive to me! I no longer worry about the things I cannot change, I have the courage to change those things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference!