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#153 Carolyn Johnson, Class of 2011
(A.A. in Anthropology)

A good friend said to me, "You are never too old to follow your dreams." My dream had always been to get a college education. College of the Desert gave me the confidence I needed to fulfill my dream of attending UCLA. Thank you to the many professors who helped along the way; without you I would not be where I am today! Dr. Hardy - you ROCK!!

Matthew Dow

#152 Matthew Dow, Class of 2009
(Liberal Arts Associate Degree)

I started taking classes at COD in 2000. I took the Golf Management classes and worked in the golf industry for several years. While working in golf, I decided to change my focus at college to work on writing and began the Chapparal classes; the first semester as the Production Manager and then I became the Editor for the next semester. I enjoyed writing, editing, designing the paper, covering athletics, obtaining advertising and creating the paper ten times within that year.

I began my own small business and worked on growing that until the economy fell off and I decided to go back to college full time in 2008. I finished my degree in 2009 at COD and then went on to CSUSB Palm Desert and received my BA in PR Communications/Marketing in Dec 2011.

I am now working on events for a couple of companies and am helping to produce the 2012 Perez Road Fall Festival in Cathedral City this year.

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Joyce Daniels

#151 Joyce Daniels, Transfer to CSUSB

College of the Desert helped me believe in me. What started out as a simple decision to take one class in Women’s Studies at my nearby community college to keep myself occupied after the kids were gone, ended up transforming my life. That one class opened my mind to the limitless possibilities higher education can provide. It also opened the door to a fascinating area of study and a degree in psychology.

The education and experience I gained at COD, and later at Cal State, made possible a tremendous 17 year career at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage. I will forever be grateful to College of the Desert, the faculty and the support provided there.

I am proud to step up for COD and share my story.

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Carlos A.  Maldonado

#150 Carlos A. Maldonado, Staff
(Director of Student Life)

I believe education changes lives - it changed mine. I started my higher education at a California Community College and often say the education and experiences I received there saved my life. I chose to build a career in the California Community College system because I wanted to give back.

College of the Desert serves the residents of the Coachella Valley by giving them access to quality instruction and the services to support their success. I am proud to be a part of the College of the Desert family where students receive a meaningful education that will change them forever. Join me and StepUpForCOD!

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Steven Valpy

#149 Steven Valpy, Class of 1991
(A.A. Business Administration 1991; Adjunct professor )

Upon earning my Business Admin degree in 1991 here at College of the Desert, I was able to open my first construction company using the knowledge given to me by some amazing professors, some who are still teaching here today!

Then in 2010, after 17 successful years of building homes locally, I was offered the wonderful opportunity to "Step up for COD" by teaching construction technology and project management where it all started for me.

I feel a great deal of gratitude towards College of the Desert for positively effecting my personal and professional life and inspiring me in my lifelong pursuit of education.

Pay it forward, donate however you can and Step up for COD!

Steven Valpy

CEO - S. E. Valpy Construction & Engineering

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