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Kathy Ireland

#60 Kathy Ireland

A thirst for knowledge is one of life's greatest passions. We must work together to support our valley's students as they strive to achieve excellence through learning. COD is an extraordinary place that needs our combined efforts. Please examine and act on your belief in higher education.

Joaquin Delgado

#59 Joaquin Delgado, Class of 1969

I washed a lot of dishes, bused a thousand tables and inherited my parents’ passion for the restaurant business. But the best thing I’ve ever brought to the table was my education from College of the Desert. Now, after three generations of my family have graduated, it's time to turn the table and step up for COD.

#58 Lauren Drinkwater, Class of 2009
(P.O.S.T. Certificate)

The Public Safety Academy not only prepared me for the career of a lifetime, but it also molded me into the person I am proud to be. Every day of my life I wake up prepared for a new adventure.

Graduating from COD helped me land my dream job as a Palm Springs Police Officer. Since then, I have experienced more than I ever could have imagined. And thanks to the training and experience I received from COD I have been successful in my career.

Without COD, I couldn't say where I would be, maybe still dreaming of a better future. But now my dreams have become a reality.

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Jeff Dow

#57 Jeff Dow
(assignment photography for COD)

I am a photographer who recently had the opportunity to work with the marketing staff and get a real "behind the scenes" view of COD. It was like doing an amplified college tour. I visited many departments, met many college professors and staff members and was truly impressed with the campus and with the quality of the personnel at COD. With this campus setting placed smack dab in the middle of the beautiful Palm Springs area, it is truly a gem in the desert.

Jeff Dow


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#56 Peter Sturgeon
(Employed COD graduates)

I have been building and operating drive thru automotive Oil Change Centers in southern California for over 20 years. Changing oil is a fairly generic service - every auto shop does it. What separates the best from the rest is the customer service element. For great customer service you need a knowledgeable staff; people who have shown that they are willing to learn, have hands on experience and have the soft 'people' skills to provide great customer service.

My go-to pool of great staff? COD's Automotive program! Doug Redman's Automotive program teaches more than just automotive skill, it teaches men and women the skills needed to succeed in the work place.

My success in the Automotive business is, in part, due to the skillful graduates from this great program. Thanks Doug and thanks COD.

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