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Steve Sisco

#53 Steve Sisco
(Attended and completed the First Desert Region Renewable Energy Training Program)

My name is Steve Sisco. I attended College of the Desert’s first Desert Region Renewable Energy Training program at the Desert Energy Enterprise Center in Palm Springs. I completed the course and received a certificate in 2011.

I was trained for utility scale solar energy plant construction in anticipation of several proposed solar projects to be developed east of the Coachella Valley. I recently started working on First Solar’s Desert Sunlight Solar Energy project near Desert Center along with many others from my class.

I’d been out of work for a couple of years due to the economy with the construction industry at a standstill. I signed up for the solar training at the Indio Workforce Development Center and looked forward to learning about solar energy.

At College of the Desert’s Renewable Energy Training I learned all aspects of solar energy, and met some nice people. I applied for the Desert Center Project and now work with a great group of hardworking people who are glad to be working again.

My teenage daughter is proud of the work I do. She says she’s proud that I am working on projects that will provide green energy for her future. My gratitude goes to College of the Desert and the folks at the Workforce Development Center for giving me the opportunity and the motivation to complete the course and apply my new knowledge for solar energy projects.

Today, life is good, I’m able to support my family better, give back to my community and encourage others to get involved in green energy.

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#52 Amanda Lopez, Student

Currently I am working on my Associates in Science at COD. I plan on transferring to UCR to work on my Bachelor's in Biology. From there I would like to go to Loma Linda School of Dentistry to become a Dentist.

Carson Daly

#51 Carson Daly

Carson Daly began his entertainment career at College of the Desert and found his voice with an internship at KCMJ FM under the name "Kid Carson". Then a stint with MTV gave him a national platform. Now as the host of NBC's "The Voice", Carson Daly is not afraid to speak his mind or lend his support.

Naqibullah Sahibzada

#50 Naqibullah Sahibzada, Student
(International Student - Preparing for Biology)

My name is Naqibullah Sahibzada, and I am one of the international students at College of the Desert. I am from Afghanistan, from Logar province. The second biggest aim that I had in my life was coming to United States, and make my dreams come true with the help of educational facilities that are available here in the states. My first biggest aim is to get educated and facilitate those who are in need and who are not having these facilities in their lives.

It was a huge difference for me at first when I came here. I was suffering from culture shock and home sickness, but then after a while I got situated. Being in America is giving me a positive feeling for my future, and especially being at College of the Desert, because it is a very friendly environment for a freshman student who is looking for a bright future. I have made lots of friends who are from different parts of the world. Attending some social group gatherings or coffee hours with International students has helped me meet new friends here on campus.

When I was in my home country I learned different languages which are Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Hindi, Persion, and Farsi. Now a days I am learning Spanish as well, and I am thinking of taking a Spanish class in coming semesters to develop my language skills. My aim is to finish my college degree and transfer to UCLA and get my further education in Biology. I am very grateful and thankful to College of the Desert, which is providing us all these facilities in order to get ourselves beyond our dreams and live the life we are looking forward to have in our future.

Thank you very much.


Naqibullah Sahibzada

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Jacalyn Lopez Garcia

#49 Jacalyn Lopez Garcia
(Artist - exhibited at COD's Walter N. Marks Center for the Arts)

In 2010, I was invited to present a multimedia installation at the Walter N. Marks Center for the Arts (MAC). This exhibition featured two art projects “In Search of the Mago”, a documentary project based on the story of a real life canine and her fictional Internet identity on Facebook, as Goldie García and "Lifecycles: Reflections of Change and a New Hope for Future Generations" a documentary project based on seven migrant farm worker families that settled in the Coachella Valley. As an exhibiting artist, my experience working with the Marks Center for the Arts staff and COD administrators was exceptional and very professional. The exhibition titled "Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow" provided an excellent venue for me, a COD faculty member who teaches digital photography, to share my work with the COD community and the Coachella Valley residents at large.

Finding innovative ways to entwine the spectator in a complex and interconnected environment of computers, digital projections, instant messages, and blogs is very important to me as a multimedia artist. So having an opportunity to work closely with Lisa Soccio, the gallery director at the MAC, was a great experience. Lisa was very supportive in allowing me to present Goldie’s journey on in a manner that could blur the link between reality and fantasy with an online experience in a gallery setting. As an installati

on, this project revealed how the canine and her Facebook friends collaborated to help her find the Mago (a Wiseman who has the power to help Goldie attain her heart’s desire) with over 300 images that were suspended from the gallery ceiling. 84 framed photographs were hung on the gallery walls for “Lifecycles: Reflections of Change and A New Hope for Future Generations.” Visitors were also encouraged to visit the project on via the Internet - On this interactive website you can also listen to the personal stories and view videos based on the documentary project.

I am thankful for the professional support I received from the Marks Art Center staff and the COD community at large. Anyone interested in challenging questions on the significance of virtual space, the impact of social networking sites on public and private behavior, or on the nature of contemporary society should contact Lisa Soccio, the gallery director. This is a gallery director who is interested in showcasing works that break away from the traditional conventions of storytelling and art making. More importantly, the Marks Center for the Arts is the perfect venue for artists, like myself, who are interested in challenging the audience to think in new and unconventional ways with regard to “what art is” and “what art can be.”

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