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#21 Andrew Roth, Class of 1987-1989
(Former Student )

My name is Andrew Roth. I moved from El Paso, Texas in 1987 to attend COD and to play basketball. My story is backwards, I actually attended the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) for two years prior to attending COD. While at UTEP I met a former COD student who was playing basketball and had played for COD.

My father passed away while I was attending UTEP and I stopped playing basketball to work. I was encouraged a year and a half later by the current UTEP player and former COD student to continue my basketball career. She spoke with Ty Thomas (former Men's Basketball Coach) who called me and the rest was history.

I met my wife during my COD days. Today, 21 years later, we are still married. Both daughters attended COD and have moved on. I am still in touch regularly with three current COD staff members: Ty Thomas, Jack Tap, Donni Prince........COD ROCKS

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#20 Anthony Housden, Student
(Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counseling)

My name is Tony. My story starts with my large family. We are not a wealthy family. My dad was a mechanic and my mother stayed at home taking care of the seven of us.

I've had a hard time in school because I have a difficult time reading and writing. I worked hard to make it through and get to college. While it is still hard for me, I am committed to finish.

That is my story and a little bit of my life.

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Casey Strachan

#19 Casey Strachan
(Valley newcomer.)

As a relative newcomer to the Valley, I had never heard of College of the Desert and never imagined that such an extensive resource would be available. In my short time, however, I've had the chance to tour the campus and see not only the many programs and facilities, but the exciting plans and vision the college has for the region. I've met with faculty, students and even alumni and one thing is unanimous - their high praise of College of the Desert and the opportunities the college helped them achieve. Soon I hope to be taking advantage of some of those opportunities for myself. Thanks COD for helping us with lifelong learning...

Kay Hazen

#18 Kay Hazen
(President's Circle Member - Business Owner)

I am proud to make an annual gift to College of the Desert as part of the President's Circle.

As a local business owner and community volunteer, I see first hand the power of College of the Desert to fuel our local economy and make it work.

These stories are sure to inspire others to step up for student success and COD.

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Jean Vezzalini

#17 Jean Vezzalini
(Alum, transfer student)

Jean Vezzalini, Italian. As an international student I attended COD and CSUSB.

After I retired in Italy, I started to work on a dream - a dream to write and illustrate a collection of short stories in English. English is not my first or second language; I speak a few more languages. To attain that dream of writing a book in English, I chose College of the Desert to begin my studies. I successfully completed 12 units each semester and was on the Dean’s List for seven consecutive semesters.

Along the way I worked on the campus newspaper and obtained an A.A. Degree in Digital Design and Production. I completed the collection of short stories and also became a watercolor, acrylic and oil painter. I had two solo exhibitions of my work in the Garrow Gallery at COD. My work was also exhibited in the Marks Center of the Arts in Palm Desert. I donated my work to raise funds to improve existing art programs on the COD campus.

At COD, I also completed an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts and English Composition. I continued with my studies, and in 2006 I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature from CSUSB-PDC. Upon earning my Bachelor's Degree, I worked as an admissions recruiter for the PDC campus at the College of the Desert with international students. I also created and produced the first campus literary publication “Tesserae”. Next, I continued my education at CSUSB as a master’s student in Communication Studies. While working on my degree, I served as a graduate TA and taught a stand-alone section of Oral Communication. The experience roused my interest in teaching and my thesis was pedagogically based. In 2010 I earned my Master’s Degree in Communication.

During the past year, I volunteered at the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus informing students of the International Studies/Travel Abroad Program. I also volunteered at COD with the Art department.

Heartfelt appreciation is directed to my husband who has stood by me unwearyingly. Sincere thankfulness is devolved to professors, staff and friends at COD who supported me through this intellectual journey.

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