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#10 Robert Pellenbarg, Staff

Arriving in the Valley about five years ago, I entered a very different environment. I had worked as a research scientist on the East Coast, and left, ready for a change. Well, COD 'opened-a-door' for me, and I have never looked back. I now teach a variety of Science classes, and find great enjoyment and satisfaction interacting with the students at COD. This opportunity to guide a new generation has proven invaluable to me, and I most thoroughly enjoy it when a former student stops by to talk of their educational progress.

Lupe Ramos Watson

#9 Lupe Ramos Watson, Class of 1997
(Graduate Associates of Arts)

College of the Desert fostered an environment where I had the opportunity to explore my interest and passion in politics and community service. I am a first generation American born to migrant farm workers who followed her dream for a career in public service. COD's access to education facilitated my growth through flexible schedules and supportive faculty. I was able to work, raise a family, obtain my degree and build a career all within the Coachella Valley.

#8 Jayel Aheram, Student

I am a student journalist, Iraq War and Marine veteran,antiwar activist, internationally-published photographer, etc. I am studying journalism at College of the Desert because I believe that it is through journalism that I will change the world. Thanks to COD, I am armed with the tools to do so.

#7 Amado Balbuena, Student
(Law Enforcement)

For me, COD has an affect on me because I want to go to a four year university and graduate there with a degree in Law Enforcement to work in the Coachella Valley or somewhere in the U.S.

Revae Reynolds

#6 Revae Reynolds, Staff
(Director Community Relations)

When I moved to the Coachella Valley in 1987, I only knew three people here. I had just graduated from San Diego State and I wanted to get to know more people in the valley. The first thing I thought of was to take a class at College of the Desert. I signed up for a dance class, which led to meeting Michele Gaines, and then to auditioning for "From the Heart", a COD production which was the very first show in the new McCallum Theatre. Over the years, I have taken other classes and now I work here.

I hear stories every day about ways in which the college enriches the lives of people in the Coachella Valley, whether they are current students, parents of students, former students, employers who have hired COD grads, people who have taken one class or attended an event on campus, and more. COD is more than a place to take a class, it is a community resource with open doors to anyone who has the desire to learn or experience something new. So many employees are committed to this outcome making COD a rewarding place to work.

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