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Dennis Lam

#167 Dennis Lam, Class of 2011
(A.A. Math and Science)

COD taught me Success! I graduated from Cathedral City High School with a 2.3 GPA, went on to College of the Desert to achieve a Math and Science degree and then graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a B.A in Psychology. Thanks to COD I have accomplished things that I thought were impossible.

I thought I couldn't do math, then I succeeded in Calculus. I thought I couldn't speak well, then I became a finalist in a public speaking contest. I thought I couldn't be a leader, then I joined ASCOD student government. I thought I wouldn't be happy again, then I took the steps to defeat depression.

My next goal is a Master's of Accountancy and work in the non-profit sector. I want to make a difference in other peoples lives, providing resources that can fund education, nutrition, and jobs to the most needed. And I want to appreciate life and its givings.

What I thought was different from the reality of what I could do. Don't let what you think you can't do prevent you from anything you can do.

COD taught me success! Education gave me knowledge! God and people shared with me love!

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Octavio Garcia

#166 Octavio Garcia, Transfer to Cal-State University, Long Beach
(Business Administration)

Going back to school can be really intimidating especially if you haven’t been in a classroom for a while. I still remember crashing all those classes and finally getting the classes I needed. COD has made me feel welcome and part of their family. That’s why I love COD; I can always find someone willing to help me with any questions or concerns I would have. I was also fortunate enough to be part of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society which is a great organization what really pushes students to strive to be the best and rewards them when they do. I still can’t believe I will graduate from COD in May 2013 in Business Administration. I am transferring to CSUSB to obtain my Bachelor’s in Business Management. I know this is just the beginning to reach my ultimate goal, which is to be an entrepreneur. I want my children to realize that hard work does pay off and know that all of the sacrifices are well worth it. I see myself coming back and giving back to my community and my COD family. It was here, at COD, where the foundation for my education was created. As we all know, a structure is only as strong as its foundation. I am very thankful and confident that my educational structure has a solid and strong foundation, and it was here at COD where it all took place. For that reason COD will always be in my heart.

Suzanne Delahanty

#165 Suzanne Delahanty, Staff
(Adjunct faculty in both the Applied Science Architecture division and Psychology Dept.)

I am working on my "abbreviated" life story up until this point... Be back soon with the update!

Aubrey Moe

#163 Aubrey Moe, Class of 2006
(Associate's Degree in Psychology )

I started at College of the Desert in Fall 2003, unsure of what I wanted to study or ultimately do. I took my first psychology class as a matter of chance; it was open and I needed the credits. I didn't know what to expect, but I never anticipated that I would fall in love with the subject the way that I did. My professor, Linda Emerson, was amazing and exuded an impressive passion for the subject. I was hooked.

I ended up taking every Psychology course COD offered before I graduated. I transferred to UC Irvine, where thanks to my 4.0 GPA and volunteer experiences I attended as a Regent's Scholar - a full academic, merit-based scholarship and the highest honor given by the UC schools. I continued to explore my passion for psychology, and I graduated with a BA in Cognitive Sciences.

In Fall 2009, I accepted a position as a fully-funded Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology at Kent State University in Ohio. This field is incredibly competitive, and I am lucky enough to have a full tuition waiver and a graduate stipend. I am currently in my fourth year at Kent, and I very strongly believe that the academic foundation I built at COD has paved the road to my doctorate. People are surprised when I say I started at a community college, but I'm not - sometimes the greatest passions and inspirations come from small classrooms, and those willing to believe in their students.

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David Nola

#162 David Nola, Transfer to University of California, Santa Barbara

I joined the COD football staff as an assistant football coach in 1994 and was fortunate to be a part of a Conference Champion team and Bowl game winning program. Over the next 15 years I was a part of the program as assistant coach and in other capacities. I will always cherish my time on the campus and on the field. The football program has helped develop many young men to be productive and successful members of our society. The relationships I formed were far more valuable than the wins on the field. Our life long connection started at COD. As a coach, role model and mentor to these young men, COD was an experience that helped shape who I am today.

The years at COD will always be some of the best in my life. This school is an important part of the community. Many people start their dreams and accomplish their goals at this school. I was fortunate to achieve some of my dreams at COD.

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