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Gary Hall

#161 Gary Hall
(Advocate for COD Foundation )

You could say I know a thing or two about smart investments after advising my clients for more than 30 years. For me, COD is one of the smartest investments we can make for our community. I’m proud to step up for COD and the work they do to create a skilled workforce that is so vital to the region’s economic vitality.

Khoa Nguyen

#160 Khoa Nguyen, Transfer to UC Riverside
(Alumnus )

My family moved from Vietnam when I was three. Growing up, my parents stressed the importance of higher education. College of the Desert made it possible for me to pursue academic interests close to home. My teachers and mentors at COD helped open the door to a degree in Neuroscience. Soon, I’ll be on my way to medical school. Thanks, COD.

Donna MacMillan

#159 Donna MacMillan
(COD Supporter)

I love my desert home. This community is like no other. Whether you're here part-time or live here year-round like I do, College of the Desert has a huge impact on our quality of life. When I give I know I'm helping students from all walks of life get one step closer to their hopes and dreams - that's why I stepped up for COD.

John J. Benoit

#158 John J. Benoit
(COD Foundation Member)

After high school, my family could not afford to send me to college. Two community colleges gave me a pathway to success. As a new desert resident in 1987, I took advantage of Cal State San Bernardino's program, then located on the COD campus, to complete my Masters in Public Administration. For many people like me, community colleges can play a vital role in the rea lization of their dreams.

Matt Monica

#157 Matt Monica, Class of 1968
(Liberal Arts General Education for Transfer Alumni, and Faculty Member)

In 1965 I was discharged from the Marine Corps. I wanted to pursue a career and heard about College of the Desert. Little did I know that COD would change my life. I reluctantly went to COD, because I didn’t think I was college material. I was blessed by being helped by Counselor Ron Green. He inspired me and before I knew it I was enrolled in classes. I graduated with my AA in 1968 and went on to earn a BA and MA. Thanks to COD, my life literally changed.

I was privileged to be hired as Director of Veterans Affairs at COD in 1973. I had a tremendous career at COD for 33 years and have served on the Desert Sands School Board for 26 years. Without COD, I know I would not have accomplished what I have. My wife Mary Ann and I are proud Lifetime Members of the COD President's Circle.

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